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From the Executive Board

President: Trevor Mallory

I am excited to talk with you again this month. There is so much going on as we Celebrate Juneteenth and Father's Day we are grateful and thankful for those who continue to fight, work, love and protect our families and this great State and Nation!

I thank you for participating in our 39th Annual State Conference, May 20- 22, 2022, at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Beautiful Orlando, Florida! We thank you for your participation and support this was the best DBCF conference so far! Many of you had the opportunity to see, hear and experience the power of all 24 chapters, our members and many local and statewide leadership and participants. We have now endorsed two candidates: Congresswoman Val Demings, our candidate for U.S. Senate and Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, our candidate for Governor. The work is not done, yet the foundation and enthusiasm is overwhelming and "Ain't No Stopping Us Now!"

1st Vice President: Jordan Pride

Thank you Black Caucus for your participation in this past conference, it was a great success! We had an incredible women's panel and conversation entitled "The Backbone" with four incredible women. I want to encourage you all to celebrate this month in your communities and be a mouthpiece for our history! You know why? NO ONE is coming to save us! In addition please participate in our June Legislative Action, instructions are attached to this email.

2nd Vice President: Easton Harrison

We are excited about our two Endorsements: Congresswoman Val Demings, our candidate for U.S. Senate and Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, our candidate for Governor. Our chapters will now be working collectively to make sure we register voters, educate and share facts and information about the candidates we feel are the best choice for Floridians in 2022. Be on the lookout as you will soon be engaging in the DBCF ground game implementing our strategies for our endorsed candidates across the state of Florida. Our power and impact is in our members and the communities we represent!

DBCF Treasurer Jill Lewis-Daggs and DBCF Secretary Annie Gumren-Sweeting

Happy Father's Day to all who have impacted the lives of young people through birth, adoption, mentoring and other innovative ways that the lives of children have been blessed!

Wow, Congratulations to the DBCF!!! What an exciting and powerful 39th Annual Conference we had May 20- May 22, 2022! If you attended, supported or participated in any way, we TRULY SAY THANK YOU!!! I believe this was one of our best conferences.

RECAP: We had about 150 people participate in several workshops which included: Who We Are and What's at Stake; Van Training and Utilization 101; Legislation and How It Impacts You: Women's Roundtable The Backbone: and Let's Talk Men's Roundtable. We had our gubernatorial endorsement process which included interviews, forum discussion and a vote. Congratulations to Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried who we proudly endorsed and is our candidate for Governor!

The "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" Gala Mistress of Ceremonies was Atty Aramis Ayala candidate for Attorney General, did a wonderful job and gave a heartfelt and impactful speech. Our Keynote speaker, Bakari Sellers, Author, Podcast Host, CNN Commentator, inspired us and started the night off with passion and energy. Our guest presenters included Mayor Demings, FDP First Vice Chair Judy Mount (via video), Dr. Karen Green FDP, Video and in-person Bronze and Premium Sponsor Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, Video and in-person Bronze and Premium Sponsor Senator Annette Taddeo, and former DNC Vice-Chair Michael Blake (video). Special "Thank You" to Secretary Annie Gumren-Sweeting for her two beautiful musical selections! The night was amazing and the DBCF is Truly On The Move!!

Our members are so very important and continue to play a significant role in who is elected in 2022 and beyond. Our members are more than just a number. They are our ability to reach, educate and give a voice to those who otherwise might not be heard. Thank you will never be enough for all you do and sacrifice for this organization and your communities!

Hello my DBCF Family,

Happy Juneteeneth to everyone, and a Blessed Father's Day to all of the fathers.

Sending out coodos to the DBCFExecutive Board, Executive Committee, and all of our members that assisted in making our 39th Annual Conference a HUGE success!!! Each and everyone of you were the jewels that made us shine like a mine full of diamonds. "THANK YOU!!!"

I would personally like to send a BIG "THANK YOU" to Dr. Juanita Miles-Hamilton of Alachua County for her assistance to me for my presentation. 'TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK".

Any submissions for the Monthly Newsletter can be submitted to me @ secretarydbcf@gmail.com no later than the 15th of each month.

*Congratulations on a Fabulous and Impactful DBCF 2022 Conference at the Rosen Centre Orlando, FL May 20-22, 2022. We thank each of you who attended, participated and supported. We want you to know how much we appreciate you! The DBCF is honored at this time to thank all of our Sponsors who helped to make our 39th Annual Conference Successful:

DBCF Bronze Sponsorship:

Commissioner Nikki Fried and Senator Annette Taddeo

DBCF "Aint No Stopping Us Now" Gala Title Co-Sponsor:

Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Thank you Chair Manny Diaz and First Vice Chair Judy Mount

DBCF Sponsors:

  • Rosen Centre Hotel

  • Rep. Charlie Crist

  • Image Digital Printing and Digital Services

  • Vowells Printing LLC

*You will be receiving information on the Bylaws voting process soon. As you know, the Bylaws Committee (Marian Williams, Juanita Miles Hamilton, Maceo George and Dee McFarland) worked tirelessly for months to put together the first edition of updated bylaws. We thank them again for their hard work and for laying the foundation! The Executive Committee then spent 40 plus hours (broken into several sessions) going line by line through the proposed bylaws submitted by the Bylaws Committee; discussing, clarifying and creating the new bylaws (This was a meticulous process; however, it allowed each chapter to have a say so and true understanding of the bylaws and helped to better implement structure and changes). The new Bylaws that the Executive Committee Voted on were sent out to each member of the DBCF over 30 days ago. We hope that you have taken the time to read through them. If not, please do so. You, as members, will be voting on them soon. Once approved with 2/3 vote, they will then be sent to the FDP for final approval. New Bylaws for the DBCF should be in place late fall this year! Again, Thank you to Everyone for your hard work and your collective efforts with the New and Updated DBCF Bylaws! DYK?


Effects Stress can have on the human body:

Juneteenth National Independence Day, also known as "Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, and Cel-Liberation is NOW an American Holiday as of June 2021 by President Joe Biden.

Juneteenth marks the anniversary of the announcement of General Order #3 by the Union Army General Gordon Granger, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming freedom for enslaved people.

Special Moments...

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Thoughts, Prayers, and Celebrations

Happy Father's Day!Some quotes on what it means to be a father.....

"Fatherhood is one of the greatest gifts. It’s a blessing. It’s one of the greatest responsibilities, one of the greatest challenges. Fatherhood means putting somebody else before yourself."

"Fatherhood means being there, being present. It means being someone they can count on and showing them love and grace. It’s deeper than just having kids; it’s taking time to help mold them into the person they were meant to be."

"A lot of times we focus on what we can teach our kids and try to get them to go in the right direction. But over these the years, I have actually learned more from my kids and those I mentor. Being a father and father figure has really changed my life. It has really made me focus on what’s important. I look to those guys for as much guidance as they look to me."

Special Note From The Lewis Family : Thank you to all for your out pouring of love prayers, sympathy, flowers and gifts. My Father was a fighter and dedicated his life to this country and truly wanted everyone to be cared for, given the opportunity to be all that they were called to be. He was a fighter and his legacy will live on through his loving family and all those who were blessed to know him. As we continue to walk through this difficult time we again thank each of you for the love and friendship!

We come together in faith to honor and celebrate Juneteenth Day. Let us remember the struggles, the fortitude, and the faith that made Juneteenth possible. Let us never stand in silence for injustice. Let us love, each other in word, deed and action! Our goal is for Equality and Justice to be our reality and not just words!

Remember Team US includes YOU, and we cannot do this work without YOU!

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