DBCF Conference 2018

DBCFlorida Endorses Mayor Andrew Gillum For The Democratic Nomination For Governor Of Florida

By Louis C Ward

Flanked by Mayor Andrew Gillum (1st left) DBCFlorida's Executive Committee and Chapter Presidents, Lydia Hudson, DBCFlorida President (at the mic), endorsed Mayor Andrew Gillum at a press conference Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 at the Tallahassee Press Center on E. College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL.

Mayor Gillum, the only Black candidate in the Governor's race, thanked President Hudson and DBCFlorida for their support. He also noted that the Black vote, which composes more than 30 percent of the general vote, will be the determinative factor in who will become the next Governor of Florida.

After a candidates forum and a strategic vetting process by the Executive Committee at its quarterly meeting in Orlando Florida, the DBCFlorida Executive Committee unanimously voted to endorse and support Mayor Andrew Gillum, President Hudson revealed to a large group of television, radio and newspaper reporters and photographers.

Democratic Black Caucus Florida (DBCF)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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*Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Endorses Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor*

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida announced their endorsement of Mayor Andrew Gillum today in a press conference at the Tallahassee Press Center.

The DBCF implemented a process which included questionnaires, individual interviews and a candidate forum. This process ended with an unanimous vote by the DBCF Executive Committee to endorse Mayor Andrew Gillum for Governor. We believe that a leader with executive experience and cultural relevance spanning the entire state is required to transition forward without abandoning the opportunities that landed us here.

Historically there has been a relationship between the African American Community and the progress of America. Socially, politically, and economically, the African American community has been linked to the pulse, and revision of American standards leading to freedoms protected by our US constitution.

In that spirit, in the year of 1983 The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF) was founded to unite and increase the political power for Black Democrats. These Leaders understood the historical precedence set by previous democratic leaders, that took the mantel of leadership to exemplify equity for all Floridians.

In that context The DBCF is vigilant in considering what that leadership should look like and represent for our state. The time is now for a Florida Governor who fights for equity in opportunities. A Governor who fights for all Floridians.

Florida is troubled by vast issues, in education, economic opportunity, healthcare, criminal justice reform, common sense gun laws and gun safety. All of which are priorities for the African American community and the DBCF believes Mayor Andrew Gillum is the candidate that has committed to the ideals and strategies needed to ensure equity for all Floridians in the tradition of past great Democratic leaders.

With this endorsement, the DBCF is implementing a statewide plan to support Mayor Gillum’s election. This support will kick off with a DBCF Day of Action to Elect Andrew Gillum this Saturday, June 23. Over the next several months the current 22 chapters and as well as developing chapters, will work the plan for success.

While we are enthusiastic about our strategy, our Young Adult/Youth Engagement Division and our Faith Community Outreach excite us the most. These Young People are the key in this election and having a division devoted to their issues and outreach is huge. The DBCF’s “Polls to the Souls” initiative in conjunction with our faith-based community is essential for our Vote By Mail program.

DBCF President Lydia Hudson believes “the DBCF’s endorsement is more than a statement it is a movement for the future of Florida. Over 30% of the registered democrats in Florida are African American. It is time to fight for our community, state and country with our vote. We are working to mobilize our constituents to nominate Mayor Andrew Gillum on August 28 and Elect Andrew Gillum as our next Governor of the great state of Florida on November 6th.

Andrew Gillum has more experience in public office than all the other democratic gubernatorial candidates combined, and he has a bold, inclusive platform for a more equitable Florida.

Candidates Speak At President’s Kick-Off Event At Democratic Black Caucus Florida Annual Conference

By Louis C Ward

Federal, state and local democratic candidates posed with Democratic Black Caucus Florida(DBCF) President Lydia Hudson (fourth Left) and 1st Vice President Russell Drake (1st Right) at the evening’s President’s Kick-off Reception on the first day of its three-day annual conference held Friday, April 20, 2018 at Rosen Centre on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Each candidate was able to interact with DBCF members and was given time to pitch their reasons for seeking election to a political office in Florida.

Understanding the impact the African American community can have in this year’s midterm election because they compose 29 percent of registered Democratic voters in Florida, and discussing the importance of the DBCF endorsing a candidate, DBCF President Hudson said, “If we put our name behind a candidate we must vet that candidate to make sure that candidate is what’s best for our community.”

Informative workshops were held in the morning on education, mobilization and empowerment. Workshop facilitators were Ella Coffee and James Cole.

Saturday’s program will include a Millennial Round Table Discussion, conducted by New York Assemblyman Michael Blake, a Gubernatorial Forum for democratic candidates for Governor of Florida, and a Soul of the Party Gala in the evening will close the 36th annual political event.

Democratic candidates seeking election to various offices in Florida pose with DBCFlorida President Lydia Hudson(4th Left) and Vice President Russell Drake(1st Right)

Millennial Round Table

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidates Forum

Moderator Stewart Moore from WESH 2 News Orlando

District Attorney Aramis Ayala

DBCFlorida President Lydia Hudson with Darien Mason, Chair of Millennial Committee